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I find the interface quite easy, so the only redesign I would suggest is to put the interface in several languages. I don’t understand the ‘Intermediate’ option, but I think it’s something that someone expert in history would understand better.

I think you may improve the logo of the application. The shapes and the shades are very simple and the font-type… I think the font-type is not very pretty.

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  1. nickmat2 says:

    The intermediate option is really a development aid. The way the system works is that the various calendars dates are converted to a standard simple day count (the Julian Day Number). This number is then converted back into your chosen calendar format. If things are not going to plan, it’s quite useful to check this intermediate value to see if it is the “to” or “from” conversion that is the problem. In future I will probably omit this option from the release version.

    The logo could certainly be improved, but I wanted to emphasize the link to dates that actually appear in historical documents. So I wanted to avoid modern representations of calendars or fonts.

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